Much like my art, design is a second language. I use design as a means of making people’s lives fun and simple!

Furry Trooper

Mobile Game App Design

Focusing on the age old rivalry between feline and canine, players are challenged to conquer wave upon wave of enemies as their preferred animal, meeting new furry friends and fans along the way. This game was designed in conjunction with game developers, BubbleTea Entertainment.

Uber campaign


The ride-sharing service, Uber, was illegal from December 2015 to June 2016 in the Australian state of Victoria. It was deemed illegal due to a driver driving an unauthorised vehicle, who later won an appeal in court. With the support of many existing Uber users, this campaign assisted his appeal to court, forcing the state government to overturn their decision and legalise Uber once again. The online campaign went from February to May.


Brand Identity

Guavapass' brand endeavours to empower and to encourage users to live an active and healthy lifestyle through partaking a variety of activities with selected fitness boutiques across the Asia Pacific. Guavapass users have the ability to look up class schedules and studios closest to them. An integral feature of the website is a booking system which conveniently allows users to fully customise their class timetables across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Jack London


Based in Australia, Jack London is a high-end men’s fashion brand producing tailored London-esque suits. The brand concept is to be received as simple, edgy and classic all while incorporating colours from the Mod era to reflect the brand’s influence of the 1960s fashion.

Eve Design


Eve is dedicated to selling a wide range designer frames. Frames can be purchased online as well as selected stores across the Australian region. This site is custom built, with inspiration drawn from the P & Co. brand.

Kolour magazine


A summation of a 12-page magazine spread highlighting the city of Portofino, Italy. KOLOUR caters to jet setters with a thirst for luxury living and travelling. It is a lifestyle magazine focusing on aspects related to art, design, architecture, travel and food.

Crazy In love


Crazy in Love are known for their wedding planning workshops for the DIY bride. The overall personality of the brand is chic and modern. The organic circle and type supports the idea of the classes being a journey of planning and development.


branding x packaging

Orgran was founded to assist people in improving their health and provide nutritional alternatives for those with special dietary requirements. The concept offers a range of foods that are diverse, delicious and practical. They provide a 'closer to nature' beneficial difference that sets them apart from commercial brands.

These brand and packaging concepts maintain their traditional green colour and offer two alternatives for their food products, eco-friendly boxes and recycled paper packaging.

SANE Australia


SANE Australia provides an endless support system to those suffering from a mental illness but more importantly, they concentrate on fighting stigma.

The brand concept aims to capture friendly and positive characteristics with a simple and clean approach. The faces disguised within the letterforms project the idea of spreading awareness about mental health and keeping their trademark blue colour to stay true to their corporate image.

know what you eat


This campaign for Oxfam Australia is designed to trigger an emotive response and shed light to food security. Targeting the Australian youth, the idea behind these papercraft models is for users to donate by downloading and making these set of meal templates from the Oxfam site.

The templates aim to help users understand where their food is coming from and guides them with making better decisions on food they eat. It's the small things we do in our lives that can create the biggest difference in this world; every little decision you make affects the people around you.

Burger infographic


I'm passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, leading me to create this fun and playful artifact. Educating people in an approachable manner yet finding the need to convey a serious message: it's always good to know what you eat and to take your health seriously.

'One by Four' Macarons packaging


One by Four macarons is a hypothetical supermarket item being transformed into a high-end product market. The idea is to minimise consumer waste (must be easily assembled and utilise as little resources as possible), incorporate minimal gluing or to none and can collapse to a flat pack. This focused heavily on 3D modelling and structural design.