Good morning! Let’s go for a walk….to the mailbox. Welcome to my blog yo.

A right-brainer by day and occasional blogger by night, you've landed on a place where I document life in the creative field, endless travels with friends and family and sometimes a bit of food.

My appreciation for creativity began at an early age when I made trips back to the motherland, Indonesia, I experienced the surroundings and the lifestyle that was vastly different from what I was used to. I found myself passing by villages where children made their own toys with whatever was left around them; scrap metal, bits of cloth, banana leaves, and even cigarette butts. Despite this, the children were happy and proud with anything they created.

This image struck me and forever inspired me in pursuing a design-driven lifestyle. Embracing creativity in all forms and using it to inspire and help people, much like how they inspired me. Design helps me make decisions, while art helps me take risks. Both areas reward me with opportunities to create something fun and everlasting!