Top Arts 2012 - National gallery of victoria

A major event in the annual school calendar, Top Arts 2012 again presents outstanding work completed by young student artists as part of their assessment for VCE Art and Studio Arts. This exhibition highlights the Nation Gallery of Victoria’s strong commitment and support of contemporary art, arts education and showcases the ideas and attitudes of young people. From an initial selection of over 3,000 works and through a rigorous selection process and short listing procedure it is anticipated approximately 60 students are represented in the exhibition with a diversity of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, multimedia and installation.

My piece is about chasing your dreams. Dreams live at the core of our hearts, like a burning inferno. What if you could wake up every morning keen to begin your day, looking forward to contributing in a way that only you can? The thought of chasing my dreams inspired me. Sometimes in life you’ll have to let go, part ways and venture off to new places. Hands denote a strong emotional presence and the use of graphite pencils achieved the fine detail and tone. I wanted to create a miniseries to capture a sense of movement.