The House of Dior

Happy November! 2017 pretty much marks the year of the most gallery visitations for me so far. The only thing I was bummed about was not being able to see Studio Ghibli in Japan this year – my second time missing out on ordering tickets. Maybe the next time I’ll get lucky!

My gallery adventures continue with The House of Dior exhibition which is just about to wrap up in 3 days. This is the last major exhibition held at the NGV for the year.

I didn’t know much about Christian Dior prior to this exhibition however I’m a big follower of Yves Saint Laurent and I eventually learned that YSL worked for Dior at the age of 21. This was his first major gig in the fashion industry and Dior had trained him up to become the first creative director of his brand (other than Dior himself). Their legacy lives on to this day and what I love the most is that the YSL and Dior stores in Chadstone sit right across each other, I get the fuzziest feelings everytime I walk past it.

The House of Dior showcases 70 years of designs by all creative directors including YSL.

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