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I’m Monica but you can call me Mon Mon. I'm a designer with a great love for laughing, Hello Kitty and Burberry.

I design

I have you covered with brand development.

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I draw

I do artworks for interior, fashion and promotional purposes.

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I use art and design as a means of helping people turn their ideas and visions to life. This motive lead me to start my brand, Mon.Mon.

As a designer with an artists' mindset, design helps me make decisions, while art helps me take risks. Both areas reward me with opportunities to create something everlasting for myself and for the world to see.

My appreciation for creativity began at an early age when I made occasional trips back to Indonesia, and as a child I experienced the surroundings and the lifestyle that was vastly different from what I was used to in Australia.

In Indonesia, manual labor is a booming industry that continuously provides goods for consumers worldwide but is also a country that is rife with poverty lining many of the streets. I found myself passing by these areas and villages where children made their own toys with whatever was left around them; scrap metal, bits of cloth, banana leaves, and even cigarette butts. Despite this, the children were happy and proud with what they had created.

This image struck me and inspired me in producing my own work. To this day it remains as one of the main reasons why I work in the creative field, being taught to be happy with a talent and to use it to inspire and help people, much like how they inspired me.