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Although there was the sun shining so bright and the skies as blue as ever, it was one hell of a windy cold day in Arizona. Yep, that’s me chillin’ with my hello kitty hat at the Canyon. I still find it hard to believe I was in Times Square last week, Canada the week before, Disneyland the week before and Vegas the week before that. I’m so used to travelling to Asia up to the point I forget that there’s so much of the world to explore and now I might have to start getting used to the 22 hour trip to NYC because I’d seriously love to go back. A holiday for me isn’t really about getting away from work, I’m always working without knowing it. Whenever I find inspiration, I take photos and it immediately becomes my research for my upcoming projects. Travelling with me means waking up early, walking for hours and coming back late to the hotel. I’m constantly in search for new experiences because whatever I see and do influences my work and before I even know it, I come up with a new sense of style.



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It actually feels great to be back in Melbs. I love the feeling of returning home to new work, new spaces and new inspiration. The last photo was taken today at Jin & Co’s new shop. I love the workspace, there’s great lighting, it’s cosy and best of all I can come in to work anytime. I also met some of Jin’s other employers who were in the shop today and let’s just say I’m excited to be a part of a dedicated team.

Street fetish

I used to love street fashion but then I abandoned it all of last year and now I’m back on it again. It’s one of those fashion phases for me; I’m constantly on and off it. It’s little things like seeing 2NE1‘s fashion and their relationship with designer Jeremy Scott that inspired me to keep my sneaker collection growing with the addition of three new pairs of Adidas sneakers. Been wearing Adidas since junior high and that hasn’t stopped even to this very day. Here I am still wearing some of my favorite pairs of Superstars, the first I bought was in grade 6 and I still can fit them! It’s only a lil’ squashy but gah the things I do to sacrifice comfort for design. Even for a design that’s 10 years old, no way it never gets old! (A)ll (D)ay (I) (D)ream (A)bout (S)hoes.

Sneakers are pretty stylish with all the colors and patterns they come in. While it does seem like sneakers are a fitness thing, they’re more funky and cosy to wear casually. I went to Culture Kings recently with a fellow streetwear enthusiast friend and the whole place is just street heaven! There’s a DJ blasting hip hop music which made it feel like a nightclub. The sneaker collection there is impressive and there’s so much casual apparel for both men and women, there’s also tonnes of NBA gear. CK feels really masculine but trust me you’d be surprised that it caters to girls as much as it does for boys. The main highlight were the snapbacks, heaps of people wear them and the shop is loaded with these $60 hats. It’s a popular trend, a trend I could never pull off though. I’ll just stick to my headbands instead…





Jeremy’s designs are out of this world, I love it.

The hearts and the pink superstars are two of my newest to the superstars fam.

The hats…the shelves kinda extend throughout the two floors of the shop.

Didn’t get this hat. Not dope enough to wear it.

Didn’t get this either but that pink though…..

Last days of semester 1

Happy winter to us Melburnians! Weather in the past few weeks was exactly the way I liked it, cold and sunny. Now the skies are getting a lil’ gloomy  but that won’t stop me from wearing color this winter. Bring on the winter fashion <3

I bought these boots in HKG last December. I’ve worn them non stop ever since the cold rainy days started kicking in this week. The color, THE COLOR..ahhhh watermelon pink is divine and a big weakness of mine.

We’re going into our last week of the semester and well, that only means one thing; CRAMMING AND EATING…..A LOT. Mom made a delicious bowl of Gado-gado (Indonesian salad) which is probably the most filling salad one could ever eat. Rich peanut butter sauce dressing, tofu, vegetables, tempeh, krupuk, potatoes and eggs, it surely is a nice treat for studying.

Continuing on the topic of food, I think I just had the best Korean meal bucket I’ve ever tasted at any restaurant. Oriental Spoon is just walking distance from RMIT and because of this, it’s become one of the main hangouts for me and my friends. Normally I’d order the cold sweet and spicy soba noodles at Oriental Spoon but no, not this time. I was craving the meal bucket from Seoul Soul, I didn’t think it’d be as good as theirs but I tried anyway. Yeah I was wrong. I still love Seoul Soul though….

Last weekend my group partners threw a mini picnic in the computer lab. It was a Saturday, hard at work so why not treat ourselves hey? Luckily no one else was there or else they would’ve stolen these awesome treats: kale chips, green tea kit kat, green tea cookies and macarons.

Hey hey, more food! But this time it’s actually for an Oxfam project that’s in collaboration with RMIT and DESIS.  Using my burger infographic as inspiration, here’s a sneak peek of one of the three sets of paper food models I’ve developed. Each have info on where each ingredient came from and other facts on its impact on climate change and food security. Like the burger project, the information is hidden underneath the surface of the meals. These models are aimed to be readily available on the Oxfam website where users can download the templates to make these fun food models themselves. This is a way of motivating the youth to donate, grasp a solid understanding of social issues like climate change and learn to make better decisions on the food you eat and how it’s positively or negatively impacting you and the people around you.

Finally for my elective, we were asked to create an artist book that documents our progress from the first week right to the last. Our final weekly project was a brief asking as to design a postcard and souvenir based on the inspiration we gathered from roaming around the CBD for almost two hours. What inspired me to draw up that wavy artwork was seeing this curvaceous piece of architecture in a lane way. I thought this best described my interpretation of Melbourne as it is a city known for its hidden gems.

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