The best things are free

99.9 percent of the time I’m behind a screen or a blank canvas, all cosed up in a comfy desk chair either in the city on weekdays or at home on weekends.

But when things get busy it’s easy to forget about looking after yourself. What I love is being around peers who encourage you to walk, eat a lot and faintly remind you to manage your time outside of work, particularly on our days off.

Every now and then Chris and I go on roadtrips to catch a glimpse of some free and awesome panoramic views. Routinely, every Sunday mornings I do the 1000 steps walk with my friend, June, and throughout the week I walk around Treasury gardens in the CBD. It’s therapeutic especially during the Autumn and Winter days breathing in the cold air.

Remember this is what the beauty of nature has to offer you…soak it all in while you can!

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A short trip to China & Singapore

Ever since I got back from our 11-day trip, I’ve been coughing out phlegm and using up boxes of tissues. I’m not sure how it happened but maybe it’s the lack of water I had overseas, or being overly tired from the heat and our hectic schedules. I figured the best remedy would be to read, rest in bed and make another holiday video.

Such a short trip, it’s hard to believe some of the footage here were recorded just a few days ago.

I’ve updated my travel gallery with a few more photos (also some from the last Japan trip). View it here.

Moshi Moshi

A week has gone by since Japan and I’m already going through “the feels”. The three weeks with Chris was nothing but a workout for our legs. Everything we ate, we worked off because there was THAT much walking involved. It’s Japan, you’ll find yourself constantly walking to shops, walking while you shop, walking to the market, walking to find something to eat, walking while you eat, walking to the subway, walking through the fluffy snow, walking 382563457 sets of stairs, walking to 7-11, walking to the toilet (it was winter and we pee’d a lot), running for the shinkansen, and walking to get lost. We’re relieved we got our bucket list items out of the way and loved experiencing every bit of it, INCLUDING the walking. Coming back I noticed we captured plenty of footage, especially in moments where I even forgot I held the GoPro.

It’s gigabytes worth of film so I’ve decided to shorten it. I’m no filmmaker, but I do make videos as a hobby. Thanks Adobe Premiere for sorting out our film 😀

PS: The last bit of footage we were playing immersive gundam and I was communicating with Chris from a separate capsule. Got too distracted.

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