Spike appreciation post


My love for Burberry introduced me to the world of high-end punk fashion. It’s this kind of fashion that made a huge influence on other designer brands like Louboutin, Valentino and MCM which they all share one particular thing in common: spiked luxury goods. From Burberry’s studded trench coats, Louboutin’s spiked footwear, MCM’s spiked bags to Valentino spiked everything, it’s more than evident this sharp metallic aesthetic will forever be an ongoing trend. What I’m loving about this look is that it’s translating into street fashion thus becoming more colorful and fun yet still maintains that edgy spirit. They say the embellishment is 100% less functional and 100% more fashionable but to me, they’re both. Spikes are dangerous, don’t mess with them.














From a boot to a…bag?


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Goodbye Zara boots, it’s time to morph you into a Zara bag. Here’s another post from my Jewellery design / Ideation for the Object class. It’s the only class I like blogging about this semester because we’re given weekly projects that are done in our 3 hour studios and in contrast to that, there isn’t a whole lot happening in my other subjects (only research and folio prep which I’ll post about later). For this shoe project we pretty much had to be surgeon-like and completely disassemble any shoe we had or buy one from a shop. This project came at the perfect time as I was about to throw away these 5 year old pair of Zara boots – the soles were already falling apart and so was the material! Deconstructing this thing was a pain in the butt! That means unpicking all seams, pulling apart metals and anything glued to each other. We then had to create a new object using every part from the shoe. Some people made jewellery out of their shoe but I chose to go with a bag. Using as little resources as possible I only used PVA glue and a stapler to form the construction. It’s not the most picturesque thing, fashion designers would probably be shaking their heads at the transformation but hey, for the sake of this project I tried!

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October update


It’s officially October and that means there’s 3 weeks of uni left…..wow. Actually, I’m aware 3 weeks is still a pretty long time and I’m gonna need all of that time to make sure this semester ends on a good note. So far the second half of the semester’s going relatively well, we’ve been given the task to produce a 5 second animation for the upcoming RMIT Communication Design event, which my exhibition design elective is currently working on and speaking of exhibition design, I’m part of the curatorial team! The role is quite daunting since I underestimated how much planning there is to be done but I’m liking the experience as we speak.

Last week I was able to stay on top of my work so I finally had time to catch up with some good friends. Decided to go to the Melbourne Show, mind you the last time I went was…I don’t know. Too long ago. We bumped into the Masterchef kitchen by the way. Oh hello there….

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Currently working on a sparrow tattoo design, a logo for a new coffee shop in Fitzroy and a logo for SANE Australia

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I don’t usually go out and shop but when I do, it’s either when the sales happen, when I have to buy gifts or when I’m overseas. Nothing beats online shopping though, good values and good variety which brings me to this photo of my  most recent purchase, the cropped trench coat. Has a distinct design and was perfect to wear at the Melb Show given that we had to battle heavy winds all day eugh!

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