International Design Forum 2015



Every year designers from all over the world anticipate  this event, it’s  almost  like a one-day  TED talk version for designers.  I must say Melburnians are pretty fortunate  to be hosts of the event every year! The 25th agideas took place last month at the Exhibition Center…yes it’s a bit of a delay posting this  but I was waiting for decent photos to accompany this post and I finally have some to share! It’s my very first time going to agideas and even luckier for me I was granted the business pass thanks to IdN magazine. I had an opportunity to talk with IdN’s lead guy Chris about my feature in their magazine and it lead to this unexpected invitation to rep the idN booth at agideas. It’s 8am that same morning Chris and his dad came from Sydney  and straight to the booth to help me and some of my uni friends to make sales throughout the day.



Photo-14-05-2015-10-16-07-am Photo-14-05-2015-10-12-47-am


Photo credits: Emily Leung Design



Neil Huxley – Mothership 



Masashi Kawamura – Party Lab. Photo credits: Emily Leung Design


We did get a chance to listen to some of the speakers when it wasn’t busy.  One of them was Neil who’s the art director for Avatar and Watchmen and he came down to visit us at the booth to take some photos (we got swarmed with paparazzi haha!). Aside from talking to him, listening to his speech  was  hilarious and then it came to Masashi Kawamura. I’ve heard a lot about Masashi  but didn’t catch his speech since it was busy at the booth. I love the photo my friend Emily took of this Masashi quote, he’s done major work  for  UNIQLO, Sony and even  made  Snoop Dogg’s ‘Gangsta Luv’ music video. No way.

Branding madness



It may seem as though I’ve been very preoccupied with my artwork lately when in actuality I’ve done more design work this year than I have with my art so far! Be sure to have a look at my updated logo  portfolio  at the bottom.  Earlier this year  my manager and I started a small team dedicated to helping businesses refine and establish their own brand whether it would be a  company logo redesign, packaging design, hooking them up with wordpress-friendly sites, forming  an investor deck, or offering casual  one-on-one consultations on brand and  marketing strategy. We started this to extend our love for branding and in support of  many businesses  who do inspiring work to change people’s lives.  Here’s some work I’ve done for some really cool  upcoming brands.




Named after the female activist, Malala Yousafzai, Malala Coffee is a gourmet, organic ground coffee brand sourced from different parts of the world. Its purpose is to  give back 60-70% of annual profits to improve the world, with a focus on providing financial aid to the 3rd world education for young girls.




DNA focuses on life changing, confidence building transformations to aid any person in feeling and looking good in their own body. They are an exclusive, service-driven fitness centre, empowering you through a uniquely tailored holistic experience allowing you to spend minimal time for maximum return. They do not focus heavily on physical activity. Instead, they consult on both diet and exercise and promote a healthy eating regime.




That’s us! Endō = the skeleton of your business.




GuavaPass is an exclusive monthly membership program for consumers to take unlimited fitness classes at the best fitness studios. Classes include yoga, Pilates, indoor cycling, Crossfit, dance, mixed martial arts, among many others. It embraces and promotes healthy, modern, quality way of living. Here’s a fun fact:  The guava fruit has a great health potency with 4x as much antioxidants as oranges. Go make some guava juice people! 

Exurbe x mon.mon.



Apart from my 2NE1 shirt collection, I’ve been working on a  collaboration  with a Swiss nail polish brand, Exurbe Cosmetics. Every year they select an artist to represent their brand and create their own line of nail varnish colors. I can’t go through a day without wearing nail polish so making an artwork for Exurbe is a very fitting project for me. I’m already excited about this launch!





The Pacific Collection is driven by the colors of the seascape and it will be scheduled to release  this month at a Fashion Event in Zurich. More details to come here.

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Design had evolved naturally, as a passion and a lifestyle beginning at an early age when I made trips back to the motherland, Indonesia, I experienced the surroundings and the lifestyle that was vastly different from what I was used to. I found myself passing by villages where children made their own toys with whatever was left around them; scrap metal, bits of cloth, banana leaves, and even cigarette butts. Despite this, the children were happy and proud with anything they created.

This image struck me and forever inspires me to contribute my skills to places that need it the most. Design helps me make decisions, while art helps me take risks. Both areas reward me with opportunities to create something impactful and everlasting!