Zetta Florence

3Last week  I had a small photoshoot of my artworks to promote Zetta Florence folios. The folio is  a compulsory purchase for every RMIT communication designer students’ last semester of uni – it is one of the highest quality folios on the market  that professionally  presents your work without getting unwanted fingerprints and mess on each sheet. It’s recommended we bring these to any design interview but at first glance, it looked  more suited to showcasing art pieces than design work. With that impression in mind,  I decided to use it as proper storage for my artworks.

2145Presenting artworks neatly to investors and clients  is a very daunting thing to do, especially when you don’t have the right folio for it. Zetta does the job. The traditional folio with a bind doesn’t cut it due to it’s limited nature with providing  the best viewing experience for yourself and the viewer. Instead, the best option is to have loose  sheets  and let the viewer carefully examine each piece in whichever order they prefer. The Zetta folio is known for being a hand-made leather box protecting individual  sheets inside.  Even though mine have  no clamps to hold  the sheets together, the sheets are  incredibly durable and don’t move around as much as you think – in fact they fit  perfectly inside and don’t move around at all! The polypropylene sheets are purchased separate to the box and in bulk. They’re definitely not your average  A3 plastic pockets. They’re heavily coated and designed to conserve  your artwork for as long as possible, meaning the artwork will never fade and lose its color.

I’m happy uni introduced us to Zetta or else I would’ve spent many more years trying to find better ways of preserving my art. It’s also perfect for my future travels, I don’t have  to worry too much  of it being smudged or crumpled in my luggage. Thank you for answering my prayers Zetta Florence.

Malala Coffee

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 2.27.51 am

Ever since starting an online branding service  with two of my good friends Ryan and Yuki, we’ve taken on projects of all shapes and sizes. Our team is small and we think it’s perfect, our minds are  always in sync and our trust in each other lead  Ryan to kickstart another brand: Malala Coffee. One thing that motivates us to get out of bed every morning is knowing that we have the  opportunity to change the world in the smallest ways. This is what Malala Coffee does for us.

Malala Coffee is more than a great organic coffee and a caffeine fix; it’s  hope.

It’s hope to the farmers we pay 2x the normal market rate. It’s hope to the consumer that coffee is being bought at a fair market rate. And finally, given that the brand is so heavily inspired by the work of Malala Yousafzai, the biggest aim is to give hope to tens of thousands of young girls in the 3rd world, the conservation projects we support and the regions hit with natural disasters who have no hope.

This is one of the major projects we’ve been working on throughout the year and it continues to grow day by day. I keep a tiny  jar of Malala Coffee beans on my desk to remind myself of how small a product can be to  create a large impact  on  the world. Also, they smell great! The beans are roasted in 4 different countries, each embody  a certain characteristic to it.


Visit the Malala Coffee website to see our range, our thinking and our team!

Mobile Mon


I’m over the moon I could finally get my website to be mobile friendly! You might think it’s super simple and not that much of a big deal but to me it is hah! Especially for a non web developer like me who knows the basics of coding…it’s a challenge.

For months it’s been horrible knowing visitors can only properly view my site on a computer. I’ve been reconstructing my site to make it fully  responsive for mobile and tablet devices for 1 full week. Working as a designer at Jin & Co. is almost like being back in class, it’s very rewarding  because I learn something new about the web everyday. Obviously web plays an important role in today’s society, especially  in my life. It doesn’t help when you  add your website into your instagram profile only to find out that it’s not mobile friendly! Initially my website was done with very basic knowledge of coding 3 years ago and ever since I started being an employee of Jin & Co. I worked with web developers  and revisited more code again.

I think in the light of design it’s extremely useful knowing how to code. Not saying it’s essential but personally, I find it  handy. Most of us are so focused with the web we might encounter a situation where coding is necessary either for our own  business site  or to understand whether certain elements you design in photoshop is  practical enough to construct for the web. Designers get so crazy over fancy  typography and cool visual effects (yes I’m guilty of this) but when we’re talking about user experience it’s not ideal to implement these kinds of things in all scenarios. To a certain degree, understanding the technical side enables you to provide a better  user experience for your customers. It’s also an added bonus to have a web developer boyfriend talk about programming languages….that’s right, our phone calls are about websites and coding oh snap.

A right-brainer by day and occasional blogger by night, you've landed on a place where I document life in the creative field and endless travels with friends and family

Design had evolved naturally, as a passion and a lifestyle beginning at an early age when I made trips back to the motherland, Indonesia, I experienced the surroundings and the lifestyle that was vastly different from what I was used to. I found myself passing by villages where children made their own toys with whatever was left around them; scrap metal, bits of cloth, banana leaves, and even cigarette butts. Despite this, the children were happy and proud with anything they created.

This image struck me and forever inspires me to contribute my skills to places that need it the most. Design helps me make decisions, while art helps me take risks. Both areas reward me with opportunities to create something impactful and everlasting!