B is For Burberry and Bearbricks


Burberry just launched a new series  of items; items you wouldn’t usually see in  a luxury fashion  store. It’s stationary! I was carefully analyzing the design of the Burberry site which then turned into a couple more minutes of browsing the online store when  I suddenly noticed their “Stationary Collection”. These pencils are a treat to myself this festive season hah. So am I going to use them? I already have. Last time I saw anything like this was when Marc Jacobs had a set of mini coloring pencils but they were sold out and are no longer in production. My favorite brands are gradually  selling more playful/childlike ideas: Moschino recently showing off their Super Mario collection, Fendi and their fur keycharms and Angry bird-like artworks, and Burberry with their soft toy bears and limited edition wooden puppets.


How cool would it be to have more designer pencils? I’m working on my last drawing for the year – perfect time to trial the Burberry pencils and so far so good. Another factor that made me want to purchase these set of coloring pencils was that they came in really nice soft shades.

Meanwhile other festivities happening in my household is this bearbrick tabletop setup with mini candy canes, presents and a mini christmas tree. Thought I’d have a bit of fun this year by using old christmas props and marrying it with the toys I’ve acquired this year.




Finally, like every other year, my mom and I set our  tree up. We’ve had this tree since I was a toddler and it’s still standing strong!

Toy collection


My white bearbrick from October  is officially painted with some inspiration drawn from the Christmas season. I wanted to paint a bear that somewhat complemented my strawberry Bearbrick (another bear  I got as a gift in October). Being sponsored by Zart  Art last month gave me  an  opportunity to do some art shopping…which I haven’t done in many years! I mainly bought supplies for the bear:  Matisse acrylic paints, a thin paint brush and varnish. I treat paint shopping the same way as I do when I shop for nailpolish;  once you see the shade you love you just gotta have it. The acrylic paints just so happened to be the perfect shade of red and pink, I couldn’t resist it for the bear.

Photo-15-11-2015,-12-06-02-PMPhoto-17-11-2015,-12-12-32-AM Photo-23-11-2015,-1-15-07-PM

Now that it’s done, I’m adding it to my growing toy collection. As you may have seen in my about page  there’s a spot on my desk where I display miniature toys.  My collection has since expanded…only very slowly…but it’s gotten to the point where I can’t really find space in my small room to accommodate my mini toy population. I even used the glass cabinets in the lounge room to display some of the toys. We all have hobbies and aside from collecting miniature items, collecting toys will always be another lifelong hobby of mine.

Photo-24-09-2015,-9-26-36-PM Photo-2-12-2015,-12-50-35-PM Photo-17-09-2015,-1-51-28-PM Photo-2-12-2015,-12-24-43-PMPhoto-30-07-2015,-10-56-38-AMPhoto-29-10-2015,-6-20-59-PM Photo-29-10-2015,-6-04-42-PM

SIS Art & Technology exhibition


Aside from sitting in front of my macbook  checking emails and downloading fonts all day, as an artist and designer it’s always a thrill being  asked to speak in front of an audience as part of your job. Last Monday I was honoured to be invited as  the guest speaker for the opening night of the 2015 Southern Independent Schools Arts & Technology Exhibition. Just after the  2NE1 SS15 Collection had ended, Sharon, the executive secretary of SIS, called me and requested a  speech that covered my road to year 12, as well as the success I’ve had after year 12. Reuniting with my 2012 Top Arts artwork behind me brought back memories of high school, it almost felt like yesterday but actually  it was almost 5 years ago since I graduated year 12!

The final year of high school was when I promised myself I wanted to create the best artworks I’ve ever done because I knew if I didn’t work hard I wouldn’t be able to set myself up with the career I have today. I didn’t want to leave with just an ATAR score, I wanted to leave high school with a  memory I could take with me forever, and that is exactly what my Top Arts artwork “Go Forth and Prosper” offers. I have a framed copy in my room but the original art piece was acquired by my high school, Nazareth College. Since then, the piece lead me to  an interview on a radio show, an article in the local newspaper, recognition from Goldman Sachs and has made its way into people’s homes. Here’s one of them:


Public speaking was never really my forte because I used to be very shy and I thought I could get away with designing in my room forever, not ever finding the need  to talk to anyone. My perception  of that changed when  I started freelancing in uni. I had to go out of my way to build my circle of  online and real-life networks.  It was almost like going out on multiple dates, I had to get the clients to like me, the more they liked me the better the relationship was. Communication with clients was so important in marketing me and my work, now talking to either one  person or a group of people  has  become  very natural to me and I  love  meeting new people all the time……cue more  dates! This kind of confidence  brought me to speaking to larger crowds. The last one I did was in front of uni students talking about my Oxfam Design For Change campaign.



Zart Art sponsored the SIS event and they gave me some unique supplies from Japan. I have no idea what this Aquash pen does but I seriously can’t wait to try it. ZIG Kurekate pens are my favorite and I mainly use them in my artworks.


Speaking to representatives and students of 16 schools last Monday hopefully inspired them to  strive to be the best in their chosen profession.  I’m glad I could inspire the parents too! I didn’t think the parents would compliment my speech or even take a photo with me afterwards.

“And my advice to parents, stay close to your children every step of the way because you are their biggest role models. If it wasn’t for my mom and dad, I wouldn’t know  what hard work is.” 


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