Mid semester

Busy studios happening in the past six weeks has left me with no choice but to take a few snaps on my crappy phone. First off exhibition design is coming along very well as we’re beginning to go on about our weekly workshops with designer duo Ariel and Andrea from http://www.pandarosa.net/. It’s a huge privilege to have these guys mentor us along the way as they  know what it takes to build a successful exhibition no matter the size of space, the form, the location, the mediums. Our aim is to establish a theme with ideas that will work around a space and not let the space shape our idea. You might be confused as to what we’re trying to gain out of this event and that is to inform our audience (designers, dean, industries, alumni…) what exactly a communication designer is and I’ll tell you for sure that communication design and graphic design aren’t the same thing. This week saw our first workshop where we had to take photos of the exterior and interior of our campus and make dioramas out of all of our photographs to get a sense of space, shape and form.

Secondly our first semester 2 assignment was due this morning which was a paper project designed to promote BJ Ball’s YUPO paper range. Only one design will be selected and used as promotional material for the BJ Ball papers group. Everyone had great concepts that were executed perfectly, I wish i could’ve taken more photos, there were just too many of them and the lecturers rushed us out of the room!

IMG_5890 IMG_5892 IMG_5886 IMG_5884 IMG_5885 IMG_5909 IMG_5908IMG_5913 IMG_5905 IMG_5915

IMG_5916 IMG_5914

Dream the World Awake


A short visit to the  Walter Van Beirendonck exhibition one afternoon was pretty exciting. It had this creepy/eerie/’what the hell’ atmosphere with mannequins positioned in varying heights, some were as high as 15ft above the ground, some slightly hidden behind others and staring straight at you.  I didn’t know who Walter was ’til I got to the RMIT design hub (we were encouraged to go see the space for this week’s exhibition design homework….and I didn’t even know we had our own design hub oh my goodness). Beirendonck is a Belgian fashion designer who uses graphics, unusual color combos and humor to describe his own sense of style. If you’re in the city near RMIT go visit building 100. You might be inspired.




Look at these two lovely folks. Can it get any creepier?


Week 1

The first week of the past three semesters were bearable but this time round, not so much. An endless amount of briefings and a handful of jobs to be done in a short timeframe. However I’m so excited to see what this semester has in store for us. It’s pretty darn exciting already!

Over the next five weeks, us communication designers will find ourselves designing and producing a magazine which is to be based on five categories chosen by our lecturers: Architecture, Interiors, Design, Fashion, and Food. It’s entirely up to us to design it accordingly to how we feel is best suited for our idea. There’s no restrictions, it just has to look ah-mazing. Along with magazine design we have to come up with an innovative promotional piece for YUPO, a Japanese paper company who are well-known for producing quality durable synthetic paper. The final product should be a 3D mock-up that has an end-use and clearly shows the functionality of synthetic paper. Fortunately for us our hard work won’t just be graded, our ideas could  potentially be chosen by YUPO to promote their BJ Ball’s paper range.

Next we have readings/essays/group tasks that must be done every week for our media and communication tutorial (our only theory subject). Nothing much to explain there, we’re mainly learning about the mechanics of communication and how history and technology play a role in the way we live today. Lastly, we have our own electives and I chose to do Exhibition Design. We as a class get to design a complete end of year event showcasing what Communication Design has to offer. I chose the elective because I’ve never been a part of a large-scale project and to me it’s an exciting experience to work collaboratively. It’s actually like envisioning a big party that should be memorable for you and for the public. It’s all about working with the space around you much like an art installation.



At the beginning of each class this week we looked through examples of different types of print design to help inspire us (I think it’s also an indication that this semester is heavily print based ). It inspired me to collect and subscribe to magazines, books, flyers etc. The internet’s always chaotic, it’s better off to look at some hard copy for a change.

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