House of Cards (Amsterdam)



It’s been a month since the final night of the Amsterdam Light Festival and it’s crazy to think that being a part of it happened in such a short period of time. It was on one busy day at uni when OGE and Ryan contacted me to get a drawing done within one and a half days….one and a half days! I planned on doing uniwork that night but after seeing OGE’s proposal, I knew the artwork was worth the investment for a grand installation. Each card stands at over a metre tall and everyone had to draw a card of their choice to fill those 120 spots. I wish the giant card was in my possession right now but I think  OGE are keeping it for promotional purposes.




My card isn’t visible to the visitors walking on the street but it can be seen  on the Water colors boat ride.





This was the full artwork, the King of Print for the King of Hearts 🙂


Baby steps



Here’s a continuation of all the nostalgia building up inside me from the previous post. All of the past work you’re about to witness is from the first year of uni…except the one above. It’s a work in progress shot from a second year project, a pretty simple one that was about turning an existing ad into a global issue ad – changing a visual piece from one context to another. In my case I used a Christian Louboutin ad to express poverty and inequality. Now onto the first year stuff…



When I heard that one of our first briefs was to do a quick flip book on one object transforming to another, my heart kinda sank. I like looking at flip books but making them? Not so much. The process is extremely tedious and time consuming only because I was the only person who hand drew every single frame whereas everyone else did theirs digitally. Why? Because I misread the brief. For whatever reason, in my mind I thought it had to be hand drawn. In my 3 years at uni, this was the only project I asked an extension for.


IMG_7488-2 IMG_7491-2


Life drawing was my second class on my very first day of uni. We made a journal in the end that included a handful of our weekly drawings.


IMG_7555-2 IMG_7556-2 img41


The fashion drawings and the repeat pattern slideshow design both came from the same class. It was the very first class I had in uni and of course it had to be on those deadly 8.30am Monday starts. On the plus side I met my first uni friend who I still hang out with today and the class itself taught me how to use Adobe Illustrator in depth. It has now become a program I can’t ever live without! We learned how to make repeat patterns and vectors on illustrator which isn’t seen on the fashion illustrations but on the final product I made vector clothes for each figure.




First introduction to the world of infographics, this is my take on a personal infographic about me. I am DEFINITELY not a master at Photoshop by the way…I was way too cocky back then.




This post ends on a good note with my first packaging project for a set of playing cards based on the American Mafia subculture. A small project but still proud of it given that it was my first ever HD WOO!


Photo 26-12-2014 7 22 51 pm


I know I’ve been missing for the past how many weeks or so, November/December are always the busiest months of the year and this December is probably the biggest month I’ve had in a while.


• Graduation

House of Cards exhibition

• An online branding site


• Birthdays

• More birthdays


Proud to say that I graduated last week! Like everyone around me, I initially had one goal when I started uni; to get that piece of paper. That slipped away as soon as I finished 1st year, I knew it wasn’t the right goal to chase. I’m at uni to learn how to use Photoshop better geez! No not really actually, my photoshop skills are about the same as when I started.


Communication Design isn’t graphic design. Graphic design is part of our job but we only consider ourselves to be “designers” because adding the term “graphic” isn’t enough to describe our new profession. I took this course because it covers areas including art, fashion, marketing, media, advertising and business. These aspects contribute to what design is today.


When I was approached by Jin & Co. to do an illustration in 2012 I started thinking seriously about freelancing. He took me seriously therefore I took him seriously and we both took the job seriously. It was my first time in the “professional world” and I was such an amateur. The first ever briefing we had I brought nothing but myself and a bag with my phone in it. “Bring a notebook and a pen next time, you need to sketch and write notes down” Jin said.


There are 18247982377 small businesses offering design services out there and I’m one of them. I already knew beforehand that this industry is one of the most competitive but I chose to do my freelancing anyway. You begin to wonder, if there’s tonnes of design firms and artists out there then why do people still come back to you? It motivates you and pushes you to work harder because you’re confident the service you give to your clients is the kind of service they expect in return. You go out of your way to work on any given day.


I’ll never regret the experience of uni, I mean, it wasn’t all rainbows, fairies, sunshines and glitter. It was painful in the most good and bad ways. I won’t go into that but it’s helped me focus on my passion for working in the fashion industry even though the course wasn’t directly related to fashion. Whether I land a job in a fashion studio working on a magazine or designing clothes and doing fashion illustrations, Communication Design has helped me merge art and design into everyday life despite it being two completely different areas of practice.


Ok now I’m starting to feel really nostalgic. I’ll post some old work from uni as my next post. Stay tuned…

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