Top 5 artists I adore at the moment

Along with my main favorites – Ming, Lee, Goda, Dali, Vasarely, Escher, Prete – there are always a number of artists today with a talent that deserve to be praised.

1.  Minjae Lee

This artist is worthy of another mention. I get compared to this guy a lot and that’s because I am deeply inspired by many of his creations. You’ll notice that ‘Lines’ and ‘My Own Reflection’ is much like his piece ‘The Dream’ and ‘Circulation’. I’m a huge fan. No words can explain how amazing he is, his works will have you begging for more.


2. Pixie Cold

Like myself, Pixie Cold likes to employ plenty of color to alleviate her subject matter. She’s primarily known for doing artistic eye make up and drawing flamboyant eyes. There is a burst of energy with her art so be sure to visit her site.



3. Erik Jones

Known for his exciting use of mixed media, he exposes a unique, figurative style using a combination of watercolors, pencils, acrylics, waxes and oils. The shapes look like they’re cut out from bits of colored paper but they’re actually drawn and painted. Impressive!



4. Gabriel Evans

I stumbled upon this talented Children’s book artist on a charity artbook page and I was fascinated by the cuteness and friendliness of his art. Growing up I was always fond of reading children’s literature (I still am) and I love how his art instantly takes you back to your childhood days.

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5. Ben Heine

I see Heine as an innovator. He’s not your typical artist. In fact he looks at a broad spectrum of art methods that include a list of digital, traditional and conceptual work. Known for his pencil vs camera technique he is able to capture a quirky, playful and fun personality.



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