Fruit Salad

As you’ve already noticed I’ve been drawing YG portraits all year and when I was suddenly asked to draw fruit in May, I was a little intimidated by the idea of it. Fruit!? Wha!?? I didn’t think anyone would EVER ask me to draw fruit. Not gonna lie, the last time I drew fruit was in year 7 (roughly 8 years ago?) when we had to draw still lifes in our weekly art classes.…fruit huh? Why not. Challenge accepted. I only do commissions suited to my own colorful style of art so there’s no way I’m backing down on this. I didn’t start the drawing till a couple months later due to my work schedule with uni, other commissions and freelancing. But I clearly remember the day I started the drawing, I made my way down to Eckersleys to buy paper and 25 individual Prismacolor pencils: about 5 shades of yellows, oranges, browns, greens and reds. Then on the same night I began to sketch out the fruit, one by one.








The results? Better than I expected! They’re meant to be two separate pieces but they also can be joined. I decided to share this particular artwork because people are wondering “why the sudden change in subject matter Mon?”. I get requests other than K-pop portraits, diversity is great! Just as long as it’s in my style. This artwork is made specially for Wicked Twisted Froyo . Anyone in Swampscott MA should go get their hands on some freshly made froyo, the store’s now open to the public.

Designer paper shoes

These torn paper shoe collages by Nancy Standlee are funky and creative aren’t they? Collaging might look pretty simple but from experience it takes up so much of your time. It’s almost like a chaotic jigsaw puzzle; you have to use your own imagination to manually adjust the cutouts according to how you want it to look on the surface of the page. I came across Nancy’s works in search of some collaging inspiration for my packaging and editorial classes. That’s right, Uni just started and it’s officially the last semester of my Bachelor’s degree and I still haven’t come to terms with that yet (I think I’m enjoying uni too much). This week we had to make moodboards as a tool to give us a sense of inspiration and direction with our upcoming magazine and packaging projects. I haven’t done any collaging work since 1st year so I was a little slow to begin with. Mine definitely didn’t turn out as complex as Nancy’s…





Photo 28-07-2014 12 07 52 am

This was one of my moodboards. A completely different one compared to my other chaotic ones but with lesser content. Now I understand why moodboards should be in the form of a really messy collage – inspiration is limitless.

The current state of my desk


Nearly done with Taeyang’s portrait. Stay tuned!

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