Designer paper shoes

These torn paper shoe collages by Nancy Standlee are funky and creative aren’t they? Collaging might look pretty simple but from experience it takes up so much of your time. It’s almost like a chaotic jigsaw puzzle; you have to use your own imagination to manually adjust the cutouts according to how you want it to look on the surface of the page. I came across Nancy’s works in search of some collaging inspiration for my packaging and editorial classes. That’s right, Uni just started and it’s officially the last semester of my Bachelor’s degree and I still haven’t come to terms with that yet (I think I’m enjoying uni too much). This week we had to make moodboards as a tool to give us a sense of inspiration and direction with our upcoming magazine and packaging projects. I haven’t done any collaging work since 1st year so I was a little slow to begin with. Mine definitely didn’t turn out as complex as Nancy’s…





Photo 28-07-2014 12 07 52 am

This was one of my moodboards. A completely different one compared to my other chaotic ones but with lesser content. Now I understand why moodboards should be in the form of a really messy collage – inspiration is limitless.

The current state of my desk


Nearly done with Taeyang’s portrait. Stay tuned!

Aaaand uni begins

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One week down and 13 more to go (I think). The Melby weather was very very very indecisive last week which explains why I caught the flu and missed out on some lectures and a class….or maybe it’s because I have a crappy immune system, dang. This week the tables turned with the weather finally behaving like it should. Thank God for Autumn!  You know it’s gonna be a good week when there’s a little bit of sunshine and it doesn’t get above 30 degrees at least. Last week I had lots of issues with my timetable so it turns out I had to change my jewellery design class to another elective called “Ideation of the object”, it’s a similar practice to jewellery design however it’s more about creating new ideas and drawing out 3D objects. I went to my first class of that elective yesterday and instantly got excited when I saw chunks of clay on each table. I haven’t touched clay since high school! We were asked to make small sculptures in response to several pieces of music using only our hands, then translate them into drawings.

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On a random note, one issue I’ve had for the past 2 years as a uni student is that I’m constantly finding ways to reduce the amount of items I carry to uni. Anything to avoid carrying a heavy handbag really. As a design student people assume I carry chunky sketchbooks and a gajillion art supplies plus a tablet and a laptop. Truth is, I don’t. I like to be practical and I’m kinda OCD with what’s in my bag and how I organise items. So if you catch me randomly checking my bag, you now know why. I carry a pencil case, plastic folder, a sketchbook that I use for lecture notes, a rmit diary and a water-colour set. The rest are my everyday needs: a power bank, tissues, phone, keys, earphones, glasses and a pocket-sized comb for those bad hair days. And yet all of this is STILL a lot to carry! But nothing compared to the previous years thank goodness.

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Design had evolved naturally, as a passion and a lifestyle beginning at an early age when I made trips back to the motherland, Indonesia, I experienced the surroundings and the lifestyle that was vastly different from what I was used to. I found myself passing by villages where children made their own toys with whatever was left around them; scrap metal, bits of cloth, banana leaves, and even cigarette butts. Despite this, the children were happy and proud with anything they created.

This image struck me and forever inspires me to contribute my skills to places that need it the most. Design helps me make decisions, while art helps me take risks. Both areas reward me with opportunities to create something impactful and everlasting!