White walls

Today’s exhibition design class was probably the best class I’ve ever had in uni so far. Cue the blank walls and endless rolls of vinyl, we finally get to work with color, shape and all the elements you can think of on a large scale! The aim of today is to challenge our train of thought regarding the possibility of how an exhibition space can be perceived and experienced by not only our audience, but ultimately ourselves. So the theme of today was to present colour as a vehicle for meaning and inspiration within an exhibition setting. Working collaboratively as a class, we played around with vinyl within the confines of the boring media and communication staff area. These first few photos were one of the walls we got to decorate.

IMG_6114IMG_6093IMG_6115 IMG_6117 IMG_60971185084_732553803426498_877115936_n

This second wall was the one I was mainly working on with a few classmates, you could probably already tell that we were inspired by Matisse. Fortunately for the staff they’re gonna have to cope with our crazy creations for a while, it might be a bit too much to take in but at least the walls aren’t as boring as they were before!

IMG_6082 IMG_6118 IMG_6098 IMG_6105

Magazine Design

A handbound and handcut magazine with some hand-drawn elements. Gave myself a whole day to do this process of binding an entire mag. Clamps, foldback clips, a pencil, blocks of wood, white thread, PVA glue, scissors, stanley knives, a butterknife (to score and fold paper of course), rulers, cutting mat, and a pair of steady hands did the job. I will get around to posting more photos of the final product and an interactive PDF of my magazine soon.


“Emptiness” – A Creative Receptacle by Kenya Hara


Great news, Muji’s opening its first store in Australia, right here in my city of Melbourne (at Chadstone mall to be specific). On a similar note, Daiso just opened yesterday at Chaddy and Melbourne will open its first UNIQLO store on Lonsdale street sometime in 2014. Some exciting stuff to look forward to so good on ya Melb, it’s about time we get updated. Next up, bring H&M and Forever 21 pretty please? Moving along now, Kenya Hara is a Japanese communication designer, design philosopher, professor and is Muji’s art director. He’s produced a number of exhibitions in Paris, Milan, Tokyo and London and is an author of several books, his most popular one being ‘Designing Design’. Since Mr Hara’s currently visiting Melbourne for the first time, RMIT were lucky to have him for an hour or two to give us a public lecture about his approach to design thinking and brand identity of Muji.  If you didn’t know already Muji is a Japanese livingware brand that specializes in simplicity – simplicity achieved through a complexity of thought and design. Mr Hara talked about the concept of ’emptiness’ and how it ties in with traditional Japanese aesthetics to excel at turning simplicity into luxury. It is a means of communication, people invest their thoughts in “emptiness”.

MUJI opens on the 26th of November. You’ll receive a MUJI Original Cotton Shopping bag with every purchase on the day.


Cute notepad and pen packed in a MUJI envelop at the lecture

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