Pre-order the Ethereal Charity Artbook now!


In August I did a drawing for a Redkite charity artbook. Now that it’s all done and dusted, myself and the rest of the team are proud to say that the Ethereal Artbook is now officially available for pre-order!

The artbook is an exclusive Charity Art Book featuring 100 selected Australian and international artists. We invite you to come on a journey with us and experience Ethereal Charity Art Book in person.

This is the perfect gift for Christmas whether it be for yourself, a loved one or a friend! And a great opportunity to give back and donate to a great cause!

All proceeds go to Cancer Charity Redkite


• $45USD

• 19 X 23cm

• Over 140 pages including 100 traditional and digital artists participating from all over the world

• Pre Order Goodies

• Mini Tutorial/walkthrough on digital painting

• Softcase bound Book

• FREE SHIPPING worldwide!

Link to purchase:

What you need to know about Redkite:

*As told by one of the founders of the book*

“In early March of 2011 my sister was diagnosed with Leukemia and admitted to the Royal Children’s hospital in Melbourne for what would prove to be a very long and painful journey. That year was the hardest year of my life, I can’t even begin to imagine what she was going through but through all the pain our family had some relief, this relief came in the form of Redkite. When my sister was undergoing treatment my parents would take turns staying in hospital whilst I would be at home studying. It was very tough, my parents could barely work and what’s worse is that all the materials for school where expensive and used up fast. The social worker who represented RedKite at the RCH’s name is Xuan, she helped us with everything. Not only financially but also with her big heart, I find it very hard to open up but when I felt like breaking down she was always just a phone call away.

A year and a half later my sister passed away, but Redkite hasn’t forgotten about my family. During my sisters last days, Xuan organised necklaces with my sisters name engraved into them for me and my mother. They may only be necklaces but for us it meant the world, I always want to thank Redkite and Xuan for all the love and compassion they’ve treated my family with.”

I think alot of people misintepret charities, especially charities dealing with cancer or cancer patients. Redkite isn’t a charity that researches for a cure, they don’t grant wishes and send sick children to Disneyland, they do much more than that. They actually help the families when they need them the most.

October update


It’s officially October and that means there’s 3 weeks of uni left… Actually, I’m aware 3 weeks is still a pretty long time and I’m gonna need all of that time to make sure this semester ends on a good note. So far the second half of the semester’s going relatively well, we’ve been given the task to produce a 5 second animation for the upcoming RMIT Communication Design event, which my exhibition design elective is currently working on and speaking of exhibition design, I’m part of the curatorial team! The role is quite daunting since I underestimated how much planning there is to be done but I’m liking the experience as we speak.

Last week I was able to stay on top of my work so I finally had time to catch up with some good friends. Decided to go to the Melbourne Show, mind you the last time I went was…I don’t know. Too long ago. We bumped into the Masterchef kitchen by the way. Oh hello there….

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Currently working on a sparrow tattoo design, a logo for a new coffee shop in Fitzroy and a logo for SANE Australia

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I don’t usually go out and shop but when I do, it’s either when the sales happen, when I have to buy gifts or when I’m overseas. Nothing beats online shopping though, good values and good variety which brings me to this photo of my  most recent purchase, the cropped trench coat. Has a distinct design and was perfect to wear at the Melb Show given that we had to battle heavy winds all day eugh!

Miniature madness


You know how it’s a hobby for some people to keep a collection of pointless things like stamps, stickers and rubber wrist bands? As soon as I saw Stéphanie Kilgast’s mini food art I rediscovered my love for collecting miniature objects. As a kid I spent an unreasonable amount of time collecting these things (and I still do!) I never realized till now. Thanks to Stephanie, I’m inspired to buy Fimo and try out some miniature food art. This shall be a great way to brush up on my dodgy crafting skills. You should definitely visit her website, blog and store here. Looking through the house I dug up a few shots of my mini collection…

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